In the pursuit of happiness…

Hello friends !

You might really be wondering why would anyone name his website imperfect – when everyone in the world is running after perfection – a perfect life !

So, tell me – Are you living a ‘perfect’ life ? If not – what is missing to achieve it ? Here, answers will be varying mostly depending upon age, current economic condition and surrounding environment. But definitely all of them must be leading to the same goal – ‘a peaceful life’ 🙂 Perfectly fine !

Now tell me – after achieving some-of-these or all-of-these goals, will you be happy ? You will rush to say yes. But trust me, it’ll be just for some period.
For example, at childhood you may have owned Nokia-1100 or some similar phone. After some years, there came color phones – you struggled for one and bought it. Then just in some time – came era of touchscreens. And now, no one can imagine their life without a Smartphone !
So, did you realize, that you were happy – but just for a little time. And after that, life made you to rush for more 😀
So, now you’ll ask me – is it wrong to do so ? Definitely not. We ‘must’ change along with the world. Can you imagine the life of a person having Nokia-1100  in these days ! How many things he is missing.. 😀

Then, if we’ve to keep running – how to find peace ? That’s where I think about life which now a days is not called perfect, but its ‘almost’ close to peaceful to me.

It has already become a lengthy post – so, more about it in next part 😉
Take care guys..


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