Good Morning from the Mountains

Recently I trekked to KedarKantha summit in UttaraKhand – India.
It was really a thrilling experience and it showed me the sights which left me awestruck !
I’ll share some of the photographs I took there in coming posts.
Two of them in the series..
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Hope is not victory

I also enjoy books.. So I’ll also share some book excerpts I liked 🙂
Below one is by ‘Gandalf the White’ from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ !

‘The morning is wearing away,’ he said. ‘Soon we must go.’
‘Do we go to find our friends and to see Treebeard?’ asked Aragorn.
‘No,’ said Gandalf. ‘That is not the road that you must take. I have spoken words of hope. But only of hope. Hope is not victory. War is upon us and all our friends, a war in which only the use of the Ring could give us surety of victory.
It fills me with great sorrow and great fear: for much shall be destroyed and all may be lost.
I am Gandalf – Gandalf the White, but Black is mightier still.’

In the pursuit of happiness… (contd)

Continuation of Post 1..

Hey there !
Hello !! I really took too long for this post, and am really sorry for that.. 😦

So, we were discussing about life, and came to a point that – whatever we do, we can never be happy in life forever:D Now, I won’t say that I have found any perfect solution for that ! But, I can definitely say that – there are some things those I find helpful while fighting this continuous struggle 🙂 Continue reading