In the pursuit of happiness… (contd)

Continuation of Post 1..

Hey there !
Hello !! I really took too long for this post, and am really sorry for that.. 😦

So, we were discussing about life, and came to a point that – whatever we do, we can never be happy in life forever:D Now, I won’t say that I have found any perfect solution for that ! But, I can definitely say that – there are some things those I find helpful while fighting this continuous struggle 🙂

Have you ever seen the new born baby and realized – why is it at peace all the time ? As per me, it is so deeply immersed in knowing the world around it, and enjoying it – it has almost no desires to achieve anything. Its happiness is just knowing the things and enjoying them 🙂 And also it doesn’t care about what the world will say 😀
So, I thought why not try this way – lets keep my mind full of curiosity and try to enjoy each moment ! First thing I found was, thinking to do it was so easy – but doing it was not ! But, you can always start from nothing 🙂 So, I started with the things I like most – roaming.. As a nature lover – I always found that the nature is full of unexplored wonders. So, I started wandering across the places, let them be known, unknown,easy to approach or not. During that, I got (still getting 😛 ) many experiences which I’ll share with you here 🙂

Till now, I am ‘trying’ to live every moment of life. Its easy when you are doing something that you love, and when you are with your loved ones. But what if you are alone, and situations are not as you wish. Well, the most simple thing you can do at those times is try to see it from third person’s perspective and enjoy it 😀
For example, once I was at ‘BandhavGad National Park’, and we were searching for Tiger desperately. Out of 4, 3 of our safaris went totally dry. So, now you can imagine how we frustrated we were. We got so used to it – we started cracking jokes on it ! (You know the laugh we have after coming out of exam hall when your exam was totally crap ! :D) And believe me – those were the most memorable safaris of my life. And at end we got to see Tiger in last one 😉 Life is full of surprises and we cannot  tell what would be it’s next move. So enjoy the moment you have in hand.

Ahh, I was trying to keep this post short 😛  Even this time I couldn’t !
More in next parts.. 🙂
Hasta la vista 😉 Take care


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