Present or Future ?

I still cry at lone mornings.
I still do not have answer !
Was your Future more important for me – or our Present..


In the pursuit of happiness… (contd)

Continuation of Post 1..

Hey there !
Hello !! I really took too long for this post, and am really sorry for that.. 😦

So, we were discussing about life, and came to a point that – whatever we do, we can never be happy in life forever:D Now, I won’t say that I have found any perfect solution for that ! But, I can definitely say that – there are some things those I find helpful while fighting this continuous struggle 🙂 Continue reading

In the pursuit of happiness…

Hello friends !

You might really be wondering why would anyone name his website imperfect – when everyone in the world is running after perfection – a perfect life !

So, tell me – Are you living a ‘perfect’ life ? If not – what is missing to achieve it ? Here, answers will be varying mostly depending upon age, current economic condition and surrounding environment. But definitely all of them must be leading to the same goal – ‘a peaceful life’ 🙂 Continue reading